25 years
of Independence of the
Republic of Uzbekistan


On the eve of 25-year anniversary of Independence of our country Beeline wants to remind you about

achievements of the Motherland during the period of independent development of Uzbekistan. We highlighted the most memorable

moments and we want to celebrate this significant event together with you.


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On August 31, the Republic Uzbekistan declared Independence and Sovereignty.

On November 18, the State Flag of Uzbekistan was adopted.

On December 29, the referendum on Independence took place in the republic. 98.2% of the population voted for the independence. The same day nationwide presidential elections took place. Islam Karimov became the first President of Uzbekistan. During next several years the world community had recognized independence of Uzbekistan.

Our free and independent path had begun.



On March 2, Uzbekistan was accepted in the United Nations Organization.

Military Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan were created.

On July 2, National Emblem of Uzbekistan was adopted.

In August there was the first mobile call and was the start of commercial use of mobile networks. Uzbektelecom Concern was created. It was the beginning of development of telecom and information technologies in Uzbekistan.

The historic contract on construction of automobile plant in Asaka was signed.

Uzbekistan Airways and National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan was created.

The first football championship took place in Uzbekistan.

On December 8, Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan was adopted.


Uzbekistan became a member of UNESCO.

International Post Office of Uzbekistan was created.

International expo “Сomputer — Central Asia-93″was held in Tashkent House of Cinema. Companies from Western and Eastern Europe, CIS and South-East Asia took part in the expo.

On August 31st, bronze equestrian monument to Amir Temur, the great statesman and military leader, one of the founders of Uzbek statehood, was set in the central square.


Lina Cheryazova became the first olympic champion from Uzbekistan. She won gold medal of XVII Winter Olympiad in Lillehammer. National Anthem of Uzbekistan sounded for the first time in history of winter games.

Tashkent and Samarkand celebrated 600-year anniversary of Mirzo Ulugbek.

On January 1, there were 224 subscriber of mobile networks in Uzbekistan.

The first technological expo “Innovation-94” took place in March in Tashkent.

On August 1, official national currency SUM was put into operation.

National Football team became champion of XII Asian Games in Hiroshima.




In March the first international flight Tashkent — New York was conducted by Uzbekistan Airways.

In April National Olympic Committee became a full member of International Olympic Committee.

This year there was a transition from 800NMT-450 standard to AMPS/DAMPS.

The first digital automatic telephone system with 5000-number capacity was put into operation in Uzbekistan. JV Buzton was created.



Uzbekistan citizen Artur Grigoryan became world champion in boxing for the first time in the history.

Unitel company was founded.

In January regional seminar dedicated to problems of use of energy of sun, water and wind was held under the sponsorship of UNESCO.

On July 19, International presentation of Uzbek-Korean joint venture UzDaewooAuto took place in Asaka. Total number of automobiles produced in the first year of operation was around 25 000.

On September 1, Museum of Olympic Glory was opened.

On October 18, State Museum of Temurids opened its doors.

Amir Temur Order was adopted. Samarkand and Shahrisabz cities were awarded.



Celebrations of 2500-year anniversary of Bukhara took place under the sponsorship of UNESCO.

In January Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan was founded.

The national segment of Trans-Asia-Europe optical fibre cable was put into operation. The length on Uzbekistan territory is 950 km.

The first aqua park in Uzbekistan was opened in Tashkent to the start of summer swimming season.

On September 25, Daewoo Unitel company started commercial operations.

Sharq Taronalari festival was held for the first time in Samarkand.


O‘zbekistonlik sportchilar XIII Osiyo O‘yinlarida 8 o‘rinni egallashdi. Ular 7 ta oltin, 23 ta kumush va 10 ta bronza medallariga sazovor bo‘lishdi.

1 yanvar holatiga ko‘ra O‘zbekistonda mobil aloqa foydalanuvchilari soni 21 555 kishiga yetdi.

Mart oyida Budapesht shahrida o‘tkazilgan xalqaro tanlovda O‘zbekistonlik olimlar va muxandislarning bir qator ishlanmalari “Daho-98” medallari bilan taqdirlandi.

LUKOIL kompaniyasi O‘zbekistonda yirik investitsion (sarmoyaviy) loyihalarini amalga oshirishni boshladi.

Respublika Nogironlar sporti assosiyasiyasi tashkil etildi.

Samarqand shahrida Imom Al Buxoriy memorial majmuasi qurildi.



In Tashkent athletes from 48 countries took part in the first world championship on Uzbek national wrestling Kurash.

In March JV SamKochAuto was opened in Samarkand. Today the company produces buses and low-tonnage trucks (4-7 tonnes) of different modifications on ISUZU chassis.

Memorial complex The Square of Remembrance was opened in Tashkent dedicated to 400 thousand of compatriots killed in combats for Motherland during WWII.

National company Uzbekistan Airways conducted the flight Tashkent — Nagoya and opened a regular charter communication between Japan and Uzbekistan.

Today Uzbekistan Airways conducts regular flights Tashkent — Tokyo once a week and it is the only company in Central Asia which makes direct flights to Japan.



President Islam Karimov took part in UN Millennium Summit and delivered a speech. Forum became historic — it was the first time when 185 leaders and governments met each other.

The number of users of mobile networks on the planet reached 1 bln people.

Underground auto tunnel Kamchik-Rezak was put into operation.

Boxer from Andijan Muhammadqadyr Abdullaev won gold medal of Summer Olympiad in Summer. It was the first medal of summer games in history of independent Uzbekistan.

For the first time Uzbekistan participated in Global Exhibition Expo-200 in Hannover.

In Tashkent UNESCO held International Congress on cross-religious dialogue.



Social movement of youth Kamolot was founded in Uzbekistan.

UNESCO included Samarkand in the list of World Heritage as Crossroad of Cultures.

In August presentation of new model Matiz took place on Asaka automobile factory. It was the official start of serial production.

Shurtan gas chemistry complex was put into operation. Its production is exported to Europe, Asia and CIS.



In October Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Anan visited Uzbekistan. It was the first visit of UN leader in Uzbekistan and Central Asian states in general.

In January International Westminster University was opened in Tashkent in partnership with University of Westminster, London.

Uzbekistan signed Mutual announcement of friendship, strategic partnership and cooperation with Japan.

Reconstruction of Tashkent International Airport was completed.



In September Uzbekistan became a full member of Islamic Development Bank.

Cooperation between Uzbekistan and IDB started in 1991 when Bank allocated several grants for reconstruction of historical monuments such as Mir-Arab madrasah in Bukhara and Dar-Al Khadis madrasah of memorial complex of Imam Al-Bukhari in Samarkand.

In August a new model Lacetti was presented in Asaka automobile factory.

The collection of ancient books and manuscripts was found in ancient city of Kampyrtepa (Alexandria on Amudarya) — 30 kilometers to the West from Termez.



In July Rustam Kasymdjanov became the 17th world champion on World Chess Championship in Tripoli.

Summer Olympiad in Athens became the most successful games in the history of Uzbekistan. The national team won 2 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan was founded in Uzbekistan.



Asaka factory produced in total half a million vehicles.

Museum of cinematography was opened in Republican Cinema House in Tashkent.

For the first time in the history the number of subscribers of cellular networks exceeded 1 000 000 people. In 1995 there were only 823 subscribers in Uzbekistan. Since then with new players on the market the mobile communication became from luxury to everyday necessity changing business and the lifestyle.



Fund of reconstruction and development was created in Uzbekistan.

At the beginning of the year the deal on acquisition of Unitel LLC by VimpelCom. Unitel became a part of VimpelCom group of companies, which is one of the largest telecom operators of Russia and CIS.

September 12th was the first day of official start of commercial operations under Beeline trademark in Uzbekistan.

International journalist contest Oltyn Kalam was held in Uzbekistan.



Abbos Atoev won the gold medal in the weight category under 81kg on Boxing World Championship in Chicago.

In January Samarkand automotive factory produced the first ISUZU bus.

On February 13, Beeline Uzbekistan registered 1 000 000 subscribers.

Management Development Institute of Singapore opened in Tashkent.

On August 25, a solemn ceremony took place in Samarkand. It was dedicated to 2750-year anniversary of the ancient city and opening of Sharq Taronalari International Festival.

Tashkent city was announced the capital of Islamic culture.



UNESCO pronounced Shashmakom musical genre as humanity cultural heritage.

On November 27, JV GM Uzbekistan produced 1 000 000th automobile.

In December Unitel was the first to launch commercial use of 3G network.

JV Buzton became a part of Vimpelcom group of companies.

In December the first free industrial and economic Navoi zone was created.



In June, Uzbekistan got chairmanship in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

JV Buzton started to provide services of wired broadband access to Internet and telephony under Beeline trademark. Uchkuduk and Zarafshan cities were fully covered by Beeline’s optical fiber networks FTTB (Fiber-to-the-building) and became the largest city-wide local networks in Uzbekistan.

In August Joint Venture MAN Auto-Uzbekistan was created in Samarkand. The plant produces a wide range of cargo vehicles — bolster-type tractors, dump-trucks and other equipment with carrying capacity from 15 to 41 tonnes.

On September 1, Uzbekistan celebrated 2200-year anniversary of Tashkent. The center of celebration was new Palace of International Forums which was opened several days before.



Ravshan Irmatov, the football referee from Uzbekistan, was selected to charge five matches of FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Later he was awarded as the best referee of the year by Global Soccer Awards.

Astronomers of Maydanak observatory discovered new minor planet. It was listed in the International Minor Planet Catalog under 210271 number.

Young scientists used their right to name their discovery and named it Samarkand.

Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon visited Uzbekistan for the first time.

In 2010 Beeline completed the works on 3G coverage of the largest city of the republic.

22.66 mln mobile subscribers were registered in Uzbekistan by the end of 2010



Uzbekistan was ranked 9th with the best care for children health ranked by Save the Children organization.

In July the first high-speed train Afrosiyob arrived in Tashkent. On August 26, the train made the first trip, breaking 253 km/h top speed and covered 344 kilometers from Tashkent to Samarkand for 120 minutes.

The new passenger terminal was put into exploitation in Bukhara International Airport.

GM Powertrain-Uzbekistan plant was launched in Tashkent. It produces engines Ecotec 1.2L and 1.5L which are set on passenger cars such as Chevrolet Spark.



On September 28, on the 100-year anniversary of Uzbek football, Bunyodkor sport complex was opened.

On February 8, Beeline announced the launch of the fourth generation network (4G) working under LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology on Huawei Technologies solution base.

International institute of solar energy was created In Uzbekistan with the support of Asian Development Bank. It was designed to create projects in the field of solar power industry.

On August 24, in Oqsaroy residence President Islam Karimov received athletes that won medals on XXX Summer Olympiad in London.
Junior national team of Uzbekistan won the Asian football championship among juniors.



In December Uzbekistan was included into top 20 states with most attractive investment climate by Maplecroft research company.

For the first time in the history of mobile services of Uzbekistan the number of Beeline subscribers exceeded 10 million people — a third of population of the republic.

On July 1, the Unified portal of interactive governmental services was launched. It is the single access point to the services provided by authorities online and in real time.

In march Jizzaq special industrial zone was created. It is first results of the memorandum on creation of Uzbek-Chinese industrial park in Uzbekistan.



On October 1, Minor mosque was opened on the bank of Anchor river in Tashkent.

On September 4, Beeline was the first telecom operator to launch commercial use of 4G mobile network working under LTE (Long Term Evolution) protocol.

Brothers Islambek Sindorov and Djavohir Sindorov won gold medals of the world championship among juniors on rapid and blitz chess which took place in greek city of Kavala.

Opening of INHA University which is one of the leading universities of Uzbekistan in the field of ICT and engineering.



In Global Happiness Index Uzbekistan took 1st place among CIS states and 44th among all 158 states listed in rating.

The annual festival of urban sports “Urbaniya 2015” took place in Tashkent in October.

In November in Tashkent there was an opening of Polytechnical Museum — the first museum in Uzbekistan and Central Asia which is dedicated to the history transport, science and engineering.

International Investment Forum took place in Tashkent . As the result of the parties came to agreement on implementation of new investment projects for 11,7 billion USD.


In June Tashkent hosted the 16th annual summit of the Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member countries. The large-scale works on decoration and reconstruction took place and considerably adorned the look of the capital.

The 5-star hotel Hyatt Regency Tashkent opened its doors on the eve of the annual summit.

Opening of the railway Angren-Pap and Kamchik tunnel.

In 2016 Unitel celebrates 20-year anniversary of operation on Uzbekistan market and 10-year operation under Beeline trademark. Since 2006 VimpelCom has invested more than 1 billion USD in Uzbekistan economy. Moreover the company has paid more than 950 million USD in taxes which makes it on the largest tax payers of the republic.

Uzbekistan is the key market for VimpelCom operating under Beeline trademark and providing telecom 2G,3G,4G/LTE and other digital services for 9,9 million subscribers.

VimpelCom Ltd. announced the prolongation of its main license in Uzbekistan for the next 15 years till 2031.

Uzbekistan celebrates 25th anniversary of its independence.

On XXXI Summer Olympiad in Rio Uzbekistan athletes won 4 gold, 2 silver and 7 bronze medals. This brought to Uzbekistan the 21th place overall among 207 countries from all continents and was the best result for the whole period of participation of athletes of the country in the Olympics four years to six.

In the final match of boxing Khasanboy Dustmatov defeated the boxer from Kolumbia Yuberhen Martinez Rivas and brought the first gold medal to Uzbekistan (the first one was Mukhammadkadyr Abdullayev in 2000). Weightlifter Ruslan Nurudinov renewed the Olympic record in the pushing and became the winner of the second gold of Uzbekistan at the Games in Rio. Boxer Shakhobiddin Zoirov defeated Russian boxer Michail Aloyan in the final match in the weight category up to 52 kg and took the third gold. The fourth gold was brought by boxer Fazliddin Gaibnazarov, who fought Kollazo Sotomayors represents Azerbaijan in the weight category up to 64 kg.

Uzbekistan placed on the first line of rating in the Olympic boxing tournament by winning three ‘gold’, two ‘silver’ and two ‘bronze’.